Blogs, Blogs. Blogs!!

Well, I've gone and done it - or rather haven't. I won't spend this entire post on my lack of dedication to updating this here online diatribe, but holy cow has it been ages since my fingers have tickled these keys with the intention of updating this blog! This whole avoidance is probably born from the feeling that perhaps nobody's eyes ever grace this page of my site anyway, but for any of those that do, I suppose it's fair to make some attempt to keep up-to-date, as it were. 

So! During the months that have whizzed by and we've sunk deeper into these humid, yet delightful summer days, I've been working hard with a number of folks and organizations photographing events and portraits and beers and lifestyle shots and the whole shebang. Things have really picked up around here lately, and I'm really grateful for all those who've been supporting what I do, and for their kindness in spreading word of it all to new and awesome people. Some point in these future weeks, I'd love to spend time communing with nature, and drifting in a kayak out to some islands in our nearby gulf and such, but for now, I'm really feeling lucky for the privilege to experience this up-beat chaos in town (and out of it in the next week or two). I'm also really "amped" to get going on some photographic experiments that I've been putting off for what, I have considered to be, far too long!

To wit! I'm always looking for folks to collaborate with when it comes to one of my favourite styles of photography - portraiture/human stuff - so please, if you're keen, and feeling creative, let's talk and I'd love to snap some cool shots of you, yes YOU! Get in touch and LET'S DO THIS!