Blogs, Blogs. Blogs!!

Well, I've gone and done it - or rather haven't. I won't spend this entire post on my lack of dedication to updating this here online diatribe, but holy cow has it been ages since my fingers have tickled these keys with the intention of updating this blog! This whole avoidance is probably born from the feeling that perhaps nobody's eyes ever grace this page of my site anyway, but for any of those that do, I suppose it's fair to make some attempt to keep up-to-date, as it were. 

So! During the months that have whizzed by and we've sunk deeper into these humid, yet delightful summer days, I've been working hard with a number of folks and organizations photographing events and portraits and beers and lifestyle shots and the whole shebang. Things have really picked up around here lately, and I'm really grateful for all those who've been supporting what I do, and for their kindness in spreading word of it all to new and awesome people. Some point in these future weeks, I'd love to spend time communing with nature, and drifting in a kayak out to some islands in our nearby gulf and such, but for now, I'm really feeling lucky for the privilege to experience this up-beat chaos in town (and out of it in the next week or two). I'm also really "amped" to get going on some photographic experiments that I've been putting off for what, I have considered to be, far too long!

To wit! I'm always looking for folks to collaborate with when it comes to one of my favourite styles of photography - portraiture/human stuff - so please, if you're keen, and feeling creative, let's talk and I'd love to snap some cool shots of you, yes YOU! Get in touch and LET'S DO THIS!



Nothing Rhymes With 2018, Really

Well, it’s 2018 now, so I suppose there’s no better time than the present to write something here. 2017 was one heckuva year for me and for Jon Healy Photography as a whole. Never have I ever put so much into something so personal, and molded what was a once only a passion into a profession. Last year was filled with a lot of firsts for me and my ever-expanding understanding of my abilities, and how to use them. It hasn’t been easy for me, I’ll tell you – branching off on one’s own in order to put your he(art) and soul out there for the world to see has had its ups and downs, but on the whole, all the more satisfying and enlightening as a result of pulling through all of it. Thank you especially to all of those out there who have supported and put trust in me to capture their most vulnerable selves and dearest of moments in their lives – you may not know how much those shoots we did together have helped me grow as a photographer. In any case – I raise a glass to 2017, and fix my optimistic gaze on the year ahead – I have a feeling it’s going to be a good one for many of us, folks.

Portrait Photography Ponderings

Well, here I go again: pronouncing apologies for my serious tardiness on writing about personal photographic passions and ponderings via a blog post (have I mentioned I’m a fan on run-on sentences and alliteration?). Never mind – life gets busy (as we all know) and things, whether passions or pursuits, get temporarily eschewed for purposes of standard everyday life obligations. In any case, I’m glad to be back on here and hopefully connecting somehow with the ether that is the internet-sphere. I digress. Lately, I’ve been reasonably obsessed with portrait photography; that is, creatively capturing images of humans in a very personal, raw, fun and intense way. I’ve been lucky enough to have some fantastic folks that have been more than willing and brave enough to participate with me on this particular creative journey (namely my good friends Catherine and Angela (thank you!)).  In any case, I’m more than enthused to share some of these most recent images. Some of these images were taken with controlled indoor studio lighting, and others out in “the field” using available light. I’m pretty happy with them, and I hope you enjoy them too. As always, thanks for reading.

Black Creek!

A couple of weeks ago, a few of us friends and family had the fantastic opportunity to sail across the Salish Sea with the promise of quality time with our great friends Cam and Tamara (plus Indy, (dog) and Whiskey (cat)) , who have forsaken the chaos of city life and settled in Black Creek - just east of Campbell River, on Vancouver Island. The property and its beautiful surroundings lend themselves to a peacefulness and an energy-inducing enjoyment that is only second to the fantastic hospitality of our hosts. It wasn't all R&R though - each time we visit, Cam has a project in store for us - whether that be splitting wood, moving wood, moving a hot tub around the property, or filling the back of his truck with wood. Yes, many wood-based projects we did undertake - all the while supervised by dogs Eli and Indy as they pranced around the property, intrigued with our odd behaviour. The labour is all well and good with us, though - there's nothing like an honest homesteading day of work to improve one's vigour, and we are always rewarded with incredible communally cooked meals throughout the day. And maybe beer. Always beer... 

Winter TBT

As the title suggests, I thought maybe I'd post a "TBT" to that time almost two months ago that I "blogged" something on this website... Or maybe I should just accept that this season's been altogether complex, wonderful, and hectic - as it tends to get for most of us, and just enjoy writing something. Although I'm kind of late to the punch on posting these seasonal images, I'm kind of glad today's the day, as it seems the high-energy static of the holidays has finally dissipated and my focus on getting back into this sort of thing can re-commence. In any case, lately I've felt inspired to bolster my skills and feel less self-resistance in putting my work out there, so here's a few that I felt like sharing from the last month or so. And always - thank you for the support :)

Island Rambling

This last weekend, from December 2nd until the 5th, I had the pleasure of visiting five awesome breweries on the lovely Vancouver Island for The Growler - the good folks at Gladstone Brewing and Forbidden Brewing in Courtenay, Beach Fire Brewing in Campbell River, Riot Brewing in Chemainus and the soon-to-be open Twin City Brewing in Port Alberni. My friend Colin tagged along and assisted with me with adding good company for the long highway stretches as we listened to Junip and Wesley Willis hits in equal turns. I'd forgotten how well WW could really rock it out! The two of us wound up taking up lodgings at the home of our friends Cam and Tamara, which beautifully abuts the Oyster River in the quiet, forested area east of Campbell River known as Black Creek. There we enjoyed some of the brew we acquired from said breweries, cuddles from Whiskey and Indy (cat and dog) and cozy comforts from our humble hosts. On our snowy way back to the city, Colin and I stopped by Riot Brewing and exchanged laughs, brews and hugs with Ralph and Aly - who have poured (no pun intended) their hearts and souls into getting their business where it is now - good on them, and I wish them all the best. Here's an image from the sleepy BC Ferries ride back to the mainland. Always the mixed emotions of the conclusions of any memorable trip. I feel like this image captures that sentiment well.